new collaboration with Cat

for Cat Averill

I take you out tea cup, slip up but clean
have one on me, harvest girl like
again we’re holed up in the old
couple squirrels gone new home
shouldn’t be putting things back
like here, this doll. celebrate farewells waiting
for good things to come. it was an accident
I should say. young, tan, undying all the time
soft as chalk, taut, cry, fake up to prop
the ceiling resisting bottles. Am I?

again, insist no provenance
front room uprooting. you and me, Bess
a farm full of jackrabbits, hammers, jacket
get well rested. or well, rested. wake.
some charm the long arm connected
to minute shortness sweeping seconds

autumn, your hair is full
of ribbons’ bows tiger coated paraffin
(are you even
syncopation with a girl sheep bag any three
full tested pinhole dress mobius strip
yarn on both knees.


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